Welcome to The Dr. Mario V. Paz Foundation Int'l

This is an evangelistic, trans-denominational, educational, global emergency respond, and a nonprofit organization based in El Paso, Texas USA since 2,000.

It was first founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1,986 under the name of Expansion Evangelistic Ministry Inc.

We have been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelistic crusades in churches, public places as stadiums and open fields since 1,973 .

We developed conferences, motivational speeches, seminaries, workshops in churches, schools, retires, and secular companies.

We frequently make Christian contemporary musical concerts in benefit to charity & non-profit organizations.

About the book

People die younger today than ever before. The acceleration of life this days had transformed our ways of thinking and living: We all live in a hurry. But this faster style of life has it own price: our life! This book is intented to change your life; to transform your way of walking, even the way you eat.